Artist Profile: Laine Bergeron / by Helen Grant

Artist Bio: My name is Laine. I am an Oklahoma based media artist and music producer. I make experimental work to complicate the narratives of human life. I am also a DJ and filmmaker. My favorite thing is to use art to bring people together, forge new connections, and have big fun on the way.

Artist Statement: “The House That Anarchy Built” is the result of my adventures in following art groups on tour to cover their performances. What I realized along the way, as a result of the company I was keeping, was that the documentary was not about performance art. In fact, the people involved would all but refuse to define or categorize what they do at all. So in a sense what I found amidst all the smoke and broken glass was an intricate and resilient web of lives and energies that eluded any attempt to reduce to a genre. I found that in apparent chaos, a structure was developing organically and almost imperceptibly. I found that radical fearlessness is thrill worth building a life around. It is like a fire in reverse, and at the end of the burning you have a home and a family.


Laine Bergeron gave us a pitch for “The House that Anarchy Built”, a new media installation and show set to debut during Resonator's 2nd Friday Art Walk on January 11th at 325 E. Main St, Norman, OK. Additional details can be found on our Facebook event page.

Now onto the electrifying results of our Q/A.

Questioner: Helen Grant
Artist in Question: Laine Bergeron

Q. Let's say I'm a completely random person encountering Resonator for the first time. And I'm not really used to seeing new media installations. In fact, I'm not even familiar with it as a format. Can you explain why that format, as opposed to others in a more traditional visual arts vein, appeals to you as a creator?

A. For me, new media simply means that there is going to be electricity involved. A painting does not need power to exist, but a digital video most certainly does. So when I say new media, you can expect the art to be electric!

Q. What's your elevator pitch for "The House the Anarchy Built"?

A. "It's not a documentary about performance art."

Q. Do you feel yourself drawn to certain themes, either as a focused creator and/or someone who is looking for inspiration?

A. I am drawn to certain themes, but to phrase it a stronger way, I have stolen all of my ideas. My art inevitably becomes a collage of pastiche, smashed together bits of experience and influence, drawn from the visceral parts of reality, and mutilated to the point of being unrecognizable. When I seek inspiration I look outward to see what is in the world already, and then I look inward to see what fragments of memories can be synthesized with what I see. This is why I like the documentary format, because truly, all the world’s a stage.

Q. When considering this show, did the new media format stretch you to re-conceive previous ideas about the way the show would take shape? If so, what might be a prime example?

A. I am usually a musician. This is both my first gallery exhibition and first film release, so the idea is inherently different than my normal wheelhouse. But I always wanted it to be this kind of show, and I'm happy to be contributing to the conversation of immersive new media art installations.

Q. Has your original intent evolved along the way?

A. At the beginning I had big, big plans, knowing inevitably most of it would fall away. In the days approaching the show, I am left with only the core ideas, and hopefully they work live like they do in my head.


The band Labrys has a link for those who like to click, click, click.

For the rest of the line up: if this were a game of free word association, "Chess with the Devil" makes me think of a song title, and a possibly a term for a genre, "Black Country Rock." I don't know why, but in reviewing the event line up, that's what hit me first. Can you explain that one a little bit? ALSO How would you characterize "Boob's Famous FlapJacksons" for the random arts patron stopping by? PLUS we come to Resonator's favorite team mom. How would you explain the charm that is "Photos with Diane"?

A. Ah, I see the description of the festivities has sparked your interest. Well, that was the idea! To see what it's about, you will have to come to the show. But I will say that this is your golden opportunity to get a picture with my mother to cherish forever, to eat some pancakes, and play chess.

Q. Speaking of charm, it takes a certain kind of person to Karaoke. Say such a bold soul were to take the stage. What song choices can they make that night? Is there a list or is the world their oyster?

A. As for karaoke, we will reference the internet for back tracks. I recommend going on youtube* and seeing if they have your song. I would bet so.

*Author’s note: Yes, Toto’s “Africa” is on there. And many, many more. Come to Resonator after you’ve explored and be sure to catch “The House the Anarchy Built”.