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Wallow: Exploring Grief through Hybrid Forms

Wallow: Exploring Grief through Hybrid Forms

Friday, June 14th 6-10pm

Join us at Resonator this art walk for a night of raw emotion, hybrid forms, and new connections! This group exhibition is curated by our Artist in Residence, Tracy Jane Gregory and local artist Jenna Alyse Bryan. We are excited to feature artists based out of the Bay Area and Norman/ OKC metro working in all types of media ranging from sculpture, prints and installation to video, performance and writing.

Tracy Jane Gregory Artist Statement:

Death, both grand and small, is constant, filling our days with moments of unspoken bereavement: over the shift in energy around us, over the sudden absence of light, over the loss of a belief-system or conceptualization of our identity, over an ill-conceived expectation attached to our body. Our nation’s continuous upheaval only adds to these losses, and we are constantly asked to remediate this suffering, to take action, to predict the future and attempt to alter it. But, do we ever allow ourselves to exist in the present and sit with our grief, to love and understand it as another part of ourselves that will move with us into the future?

As an interdisciplinary writer and artist, I work with hybrid mediums to help myself and my audience exist in the chaotic presence of grief. Through the use of multiple forms, I am attempting to liberate my work from the boundaries of genre and create a more intimate and present relationship with my audience, for hybridity pushes up against our pre-conceived notions about art and writing, challenging us to see an individual piece for what it is and not what we expect it to be. Hybridity also allows me to communicate what is often unspoken or unconscious. When we work within a particular medium, we enter an existing conversation dictated by previous uses of that medium, but the hybrid taps into what exists between or beyond form, the abject that has no platform or the spirit who has no medium to speak through. Grief, to be fully understood, needs these characteristics of the hybrid: open and attentive divination.

Tracy Jane Gregory Bio:

Tracy Jane Gregory is a cross-genre writer, multi-media artist, musician, and queer feminist. She is an editor at Letter [r] Press, a graduate of University of Washington-Bothell’s MFA program, and a teacher’s assistant at City College of San Francisco. She is currently working on a hybrid book titled Helene that tells the humorous narrative of a young, queer woman navigating sexuality, religion, and the after-life. You can find Gregory’s work in numerous publications, such as Sparkle and Blink, A Bad Penny Review, Best American Experimental Writing, and the anthology They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing by Black Lawrence Press. For more of her work, please visit her website: or track her down in San Francisco, CA.

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