Julia Curran : Recent Prints
6:00 PM18:00

Julia Curran : Recent Prints

In a brightly colored barrage of many-layered magnificence, St. Louis artist Julia Curran creates raw homages to the sacred feminine, conflicted ex-votos for the body, and frenzied satire of hyper-masculine insecurities and the apocalyptic pitfalls of capitalist America on steroids. Predominantly a printmaker, she also works in sculpture, performance, painting, and installation in her creative conquests. Julia’s work is of the socio-politically conscious tradition of printmaking, but is also nuanced by the artist’s well-seasoned perspective and understanding of pop culture.

Join Resonator in welcoming Julia for this month's Second Friday Art Walk. She'll have a slew of amazing things for you to ponder and purchase.

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to Jul 28



Take advantage.
Do your best,
Don’t stress.
You was granted everything inside this planet,
Anything you imagine,
You possess.

– Kendrick Lamar

Resonator Art Institute is dedicated to providing a space that fosters and promotes diversity. We are inviting POC artists to showcase their talent at Resonator on 2nd Friday Artwalk August 9, 2019. Details are as follows:

Open to all 2D/3D media including performance
Resonator takes 30% commission on all art sales
Deadline for application submission is July 28, 2019
Artists will be notified about submission status by July 29th

To apply, email the following info to resonatorart@gmail.com with the subject line “Diversity Show”.

Artist Name:

Contact info:

Website or social media:


Preferred Pronouns:




Instructions for media/medium:

Visual Art: Send photo of your piece
Performance Art: Send Description/set up of your piece
Musicians: Send video file or link to music
Video: Send video file or link to video

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Call for Submissions: New Media & Video Showcase
to Aug 31

Call for Submissions: New Media & Video Showcase

Julius is curating for our New Media & Video Showcase during Norman Film Fest happening on September 14th! Submissions are open and the deadline is set for August 31st!!! We'll be featuring a special installation from VHS and CHILL with more surprises along the way! Stay tuned! Special thanks to VNUS:808 for the beat!

Submissions are open. You can find the submission form here:


Check our Facebook event for up-to-date information:


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Wallow: Exploring Grief through Hybrid Forms
6:00 PM18:00

Wallow: Exploring Grief through Hybrid Forms

Wallow: Exploring Grief through Hybrid Forms

Friday, June 14th 6-10pm

Join us at Resonator this art walk for a night of raw emotion, hybrid forms, and new connections! This group exhibition is curated by our Artist in Residence, Tracy Jane Gregory and local artist Jenna Alyse Bryan. We are excited to feature artists based out of the Bay Area and Norman/ OKC metro working in all types of media ranging from sculpture, prints and installation to video, performance and writing.

Tracy Jane Gregory Artist Statement:

Death, both grand and small, is constant, filling our days with moments of unspoken bereavement: over the shift in energy around us, over the sudden absence of light, over the loss of a belief-system or conceptualization of our identity, over an ill-conceived expectation attached to our body. Our nation’s continuous upheaval only adds to these losses, and we are constantly asked to remediate this suffering, to take action, to predict the future and attempt to alter it. But, do we ever allow ourselves to exist in the present and sit with our grief, to love and understand it as another part of ourselves that will move with us into the future?

As an interdisciplinary writer and artist, I work with hybrid mediums to help myself and my audience exist in the chaotic presence of grief. Through the use of multiple forms, I am attempting to liberate my work from the boundaries of genre and create a more intimate and present relationship with my audience, for hybridity pushes up against our pre-conceived notions about art and writing, challenging us to see an individual piece for what it is and not what we expect it to be. Hybridity also allows me to communicate what is often unspoken or unconscious. When we work within a particular medium, we enter an existing conversation dictated by previous uses of that medium, but the hybrid taps into what exists between or beyond form, the abject that has no platform or the spirit who has no medium to speak through. Grief, to be fully understood, needs these characteristics of the hybrid: open and attentive divination.

Tracy Jane Gregory Bio:

Tracy Jane Gregory is a cross-genre writer, multi-media artist, musician, and queer feminist. She is an editor at Letter [r] Press, a graduate of University of Washington-Bothell’s MFA program, and a teacher’s assistant at City College of San Francisco. She is currently working on a hybrid book titled Helene that tells the humorous narrative of a young, queer woman navigating sexuality, religion, and the after-life. You can find Gregory’s work in numerous publications, such as Sparkle and Blink, A Bad Penny Review, Best American Experimental Writing, and the anthology They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing by Black Lawrence Press. For more of her work, please visit her website: tracyjanegregory.com or track her down in San Francisco, CA.

Check our Instagram and Facebook for updates on this event!

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Zines Y'all: Zine and Small Arts Fest
6:00 PM18:00

Zines Y'all: Zine and Small Arts Fest

We’re bringing Zine Fest back to Norman and we’re coming in HOT! 2019 is the year we ramp up our commitment to promoting zine culture in our new location: 325 E. Main St, Norman, OK 73069. Resonator welcomes anyone and everyone who loves a good read to check out Zines Y’all: Zine and Small Arts Fest on Saturday, June 8th from 4 pm to 10 pm.

We’ve set the stage for 20 zine makers and artists to showcase their varied styles of work in print and mixed media. The event will celebrate reading, writing, drawing, printing, and bookmaking with readings and live music too. Resonator also will feature the work of visiting, writer-in-residence, Tracy Jane Gregory, this month as well at the June 2nd Friday Art Walk, but visitors are welcome to get a preview of her storytelling style at Zine Fest!

Check out her work here: https://tracyjanegregory.com/

Nathan Lofties
Baby Cheeto

Ashley Morrison
Emily Soreghan
Laura Alexandra
Tracy Jane Gregory

Boob and Kathy

405 Brewing Co.
Lazy Circles Brewing

Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition - OVAC

Check our Instagram or Facebook for additional updates!

Zines Yall 2019.jpg

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2nd Friday Art Walk: Rock, Paper, Sissors
6:00 PM18:00

2nd Friday Art Walk: Rock, Paper, Sissors


Come out for Second Friday and enjoy new work by artists Sarai Raven Huber, Margaret Kinkeade, and Ruth Loveland, three very different, but extremely complimentary, artists.

Huber, whose intricate mixed-media creations combine assemblage, weaving, quilting, knitting, and sewing, makes work that calls upon her memories of growing up, surrounded by the quilts and hand made objects her family lovingly utilized and displayed.

Kinkeade's obsessively beautiful ceramic work brings to mind the roots of American folk art and the generosity of family and community that inspired it.

The amazingly prolific Loveland works primarily in drawing and painting. Her new series "cloud of rainbows" combines compulsive mark-making with charm, innocence, and strident economy.
Together, these three powerhouse artists will delight your eyes, brighten your Art Walk, and leave you wanting more!

Check our Facebook Event for up-to-date details.

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Print Print Boom at the NMF
1:00 PM13:00

Print Print Boom at the NMF

Stop by on Saturday of the Norman Music Festival and check out the latest incarnation of Print Print Boom. We'll have a bunch of artists displaying and selling amazing work at affordable prices. 
We would have booked dj's and live music too, but that's being taken care of by the NMF, whose Main Stage will be just a few feet from our front door!
Pay us a visit between acts, meet and mingle with some local creatives, and support your local art scene!
See you there!

To register for a table, follow this link:


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to Mar 30

Norman Psych Fest 2019


The first annual Norman Psychedelic Arts and Music Festival will be held on March 28th, 29th and 30th 2019 at Resonator Institute 325 E Main Street Norman, Oklahoma.

NPF 2019 will host 13 psych rock bands from Oklahoma and 5 bands traveling from Kansas and Texas. The festival begins 6pm Thursday, March 28th, with immersive and interactive art installations, live art/music performances, and a curated visual art group exhibition.

The art opening is free and open to the public. (Thursday 6pm-9pm)

The live music portion is $10 per day, or $20 for a three day pass.
(Thursday 9pm-12am // Friday 6pm-1am // Saturday 6pm-1am)

*****Thursday - March 28th*****

Exhibition Opening 6-9pm

~~A Congenial Hallucination~~
Group Exhibition curated by Rachel Stout (Norman, OK)
Psychedelic themed artwork featuring 9 Oklahoman Artists.

~Channeling Spontaneous Narrative in Clay~
Durational Performance/Installation by J. David Osborne (Broken River Books, El Paso, TX)

Osborne will work with audience and performers and artists to create a story captured as a table of sculpted of clay and documented over the course of the event.
Performers and attendees will be asked to help create characters, environments, and actions. After their input is given they will work with the artist to show their ideas in the form of the clay world.

"There is deep reflection of the human subconscious in these imagined characters, environments, and actions. I am interested in finding themes that emerge, the bonding experience of building stories together, and bringing the group subconscious to life through the clay."

>>>>>Norman Psych Fest 2019 Band Line-up:

*****Thursday -9pm- March 29th*****

RedWitch Johnny


*****Friday -7pm- March 29th*****

DJ Ziggy Gonzo (KAOS - ATX)

Rainbows Are Free

Greenbeard (ATX)

Turbo Wizard

The Lowdown and Out (ATX)


The Wicked Shimmies

Dire Gnome

*****Saturday -6pm- March 30th****

DJ SUB (Brazil)

Helen Kelter Skelter

Psychotic Reaction

Amplified Heat (ATX)


Billy King and the Bad Bad Bad (ATX)

Mystery Blood (Wichita, KS)

Dallas Sears

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WaZeil & UaZit/w Useless Randy + LoneMoon + Nova
8:00 PM20:00

WaZeil & UaZit/w Useless Randy + LoneMoon + Nova

Doors Open - 8:00

Door Cover - $5.00


Indiana based touring trip-hop performance artist, UaZit, utilizes a spacious, vibrant spectrum of vocal delivery techniques.  Intertwined with instrumental compositions that make your mind contort, dance, and sway.  Absolute music, self-produced.


“Thanks for playing and hypnotizing me.” -Chuck Mosley (former Faith No More/Bad Brains vocalist)


“Bending our perception of hip hop.” -Old Nick’s Pub (Eugene, OR)

Useless Randy (OK) - Opening Act

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General Mojos, Juniper Douglas, LOOSE and S. Reidy
8:00 PM20:00

General Mojos, Juniper Douglas, LOOSE and S. Reidy

Resonator is happy to announce, an amazing St. Patrick’s Concert :)

Most of the bands are coming in from South By South West, so lets show them Norman loves great music.

LOOSE, from Portland, Oregon - loose.bandcamp.com/releases

General Mojos - generalmojomusic.bandcamp.com & generalmojos.com

Juniper Douglas - https://www.juniperdouglas.com/

Shawn Reidy - https://soundcloud.com/shawnreidymusic

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About You (CA)/w The Fills + The Indigos
8:00 PM20:00

About You (CA)/w The Fills + The Indigos

About You is a 5-piece Boston based band performing across the US since 2018. We’ve had the privilege of supporting acts such as Big Thief, The Octopus Project, LISTENER, Afro Celt Sound System, Seryn, Kevin Morby and many others. The music aims to connect the human condition in all of us, through personal narratives and thoughtful melody.

Each Bands Music can be found here:

About You - https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/about-you/1440552573

The Fills - https://soundcloud.com/thefills

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Half Gringa/w Carly Gwin and the Sin
8:00 PM20:00

Half Gringa/w Carly Gwin and the Sin

Half Gringa -
An emotional scab-picker, her work explores the confluence of Latinx and Midwestern identity. Her first LP, Gruñona, reveals a palimpsest of wounds upon scars. Contemplative and choleric, all manner of memorials to the past are revealed—mountains, dive bars, orchards, trains, expressways, tiny kitchens, Chicago, Caracas, and outer space.
More Info at - https://www.halfgringa.com/

Carly Gin and The Sin (OK) -

Concert Starts at 8 pm
Door Cover - $5.00

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C.J. Boyd/w Alexander & Epona
8:00 PM20:00

C.J. Boyd/w Alexander & Epona

Doors Open - 8 pm

Door Cover - $ 5.00 dollars

Bassist, composer, and vagabond, CJ Boyd uses low-end loops and voices in order to stop time. On perpetual tour since March 2008, movement and stasis are both at the center of his music. Utilizing only upright bass, bass guitar and voice, CJ creates a distinctive meditative atmosphere. Songs slowly build from singular, meditative bass lines into explosive, layered, and hugely complex walls of sound. Precariat album is his first since 2012, and is now available via pre-order on Sea Blue & Coke Bottle Green vinyl w/ Black splatter (limited to just 150 hand-numbered copies), Sea Blue/Green Vinyl, Black Vinyl, and Digital.

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Kick It & Create (2019 Edition)
6:30 PM18:30

Kick It & Create (2019 Edition)

Free Public Community Event & we accept 4 legged creatures (mini horses included)

This event is meant to allow the public to come create art in our space for the night.

Hangout with us!

Color, draw, paint, sow or duck tape we accept all forms of artistic expression!

Doors open - 6:30 

Bring refreshments or snacks!

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